About Us

Bringing People Together by Sharing Good News

Good News for Congress exists to bring people together by sharing good news. Five days a week, we pick four members of Congress, and we share three or more good news stories with them and with you. 

Finding Common Ground and Building Relationships

We’re not candidates for office, but we do believe having something good to discuss together could help our elected officials find some common ground. When we start by seeing the good in each other, it can be easier to work together.  

Good News is for Everyone

We also hope Good News for Congress brings you one of the best parts of your day. Good news gives us all something positive to share and discuss with the people we see on a daily basis. The world could use more good news, and we appreciate all the ways you help us spread it.

How You Can Make a Difference

We can make a difference together. You can help us inspire others by telling people about Good News for Congress and sharing our posts on social media. Let’s bring people together by sharing good news…together!

Share Good News with Us

If you’re interested in submitting a good news story to be featured on Good News for Congress, we’d love to hear from you